About the Author

BCR Conner: I am originally from Lake Tahoe, which means the great states of Nevada and California both feel like home.

I am kind and generous, but I can assert boundaries like an indomitable mantis shrimp at a Cajun Crawfish Boil. I am also sometimes known for enjoying oddities like living in a convent with nuns in the rainforest to being chased down at gunpoint on my motorcycle by a fake drug cop in the delta.

I believe firmly you can have a good time anywhere with mostly anyone, and I’ve logged enough hours in places like fancy Scottish castles and have drunk enough home-made rum on humble plastic sidewalk stools to prove it.

Reading is my input, writing is my output. I love to be outdoors, but I also sometimes step on a paddle and smack myself in the face with the water displacement end.

I’m akin to an endearing, small bear poked with a stick too soon in the spring with a penchant for things distilled.

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